2 in 1 Rose Quartz Roller Facial Massager

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2-in-1 Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha



Gua sha and rose quartz rollers have a similar effect on the skin. Scraping the skin stimulates the outer layer and clears the lymph that causes puffiness.

It releases toxins, resulting in a brighter complexion and it also relaxes the muscle from the massaging action.

Product Features


Double-Sided Rose Quartz Roller

Our premium rose quartz roller is durable with single-piece metal and bonded to the stone with cured resin. The handle is thicker to ensure it doesn't break easily.


Noiseless Roller

Noiseless Roller

Our rollers have a unique piece that blocks direct contact with the metal to achieve the noiseless feature. This also protects the metal against the rose quartz and prevents dark residue from forming. Rest assured you'll have a soothing and relaxing experience!


Features & details

  • ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER - Our 2 sided rose quartz roller has all the benefits of a jade roller with the added beauty of rose quartz, a symbol of love.
  • GUA SHA - We've included an additional tool to also help improve skin tone and texture. It's as effective as the roller.
  • AMAZING BENEFITS - Helps improve blood circulation, skin tone, an elasticity of the skin, and lymphatic drainage. Also reduces puffiness, wrinkles, dark under eye circles, and eliminates toxins
  • DURABLE - Our premium rose quartz roller and gua sha is handmade and built to last. Some of the major features include a single-piece metal with thicker rose quartz handle.
  • PROTECTED PACKAGING - Precious stones need to be handled with care. Our rose quartz roller and gua sha are in a beautiful box with top and bottom padding to prevent damages during shipping.