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All My Life..

since being a little girl, There’s a vision of true love that I keep incredibly close to my heart. I’m sure many can relate. The balance and harmony that Divine Masculine And Feminine bring to one another once they have become one enthralls me and warms my heart to it’s very core.

This experience of real Love, this memory that I have is one to be cherished and shared with the world. As I’ve grown into a Woman, The Creatrix.. I see that vision clear as day. That no man will ever be capable of handing my love to me on a platter, but rather.. they add on to the Essence that I, as The Creatrix bring forth. 



The Creatrix

We are walking vibrations. The Feminine Energy Rules all things Yin, All things within. Within us holds the secrets and mysteries of all life. Many name it The Dark Feminine, where all life takes seed. Simply put, We Are master manifestors—and all life here on earth responds to our very state of being vibrationally. 

Now that you see (in a nutshell) that you are powerful, it’s time to delve into how you can actually experience this power— and reclaim the love you’ve dreamed of since you were a girl to come running.. no.. SPRINTING back into your life..




Look In The Mirror


The Yearning for companionship comes to us the hardest when we simply aren’t satisfied with who we’re stuck with. Ourselves. Being Alone and Being lonely are quite different in nature. When we’re alone; we’re at ease, we’re  satiated with our own presence, even happy to get the chance to learn who we are at our best. 


But when we’re Lonely.. We’re sad. A part of who we are goes missing. There is falsely a void through our lens of vision that can ONLY be filled (or so we think) by someone else.. and when that someone never shows we proceed with our self-loathing. 


This is where the demon  of turmoil finds an opening into your mind. Telling you that you aren’t enough for what you know the little girl in you truly desires out of love and life. 




As SOON As You Start Feeling the Hurt & Believing The lies.

I want you to grab a mirror..


Look at You Like you never have looked at yourself before, deeply, intently.. with also a great sincerity and compassion.





Repeat that to yourself as many times as you need, and make sure you’re staring deeply into your eyes. Your spirit is watching, and listening there, and for you to Overpower those shadow thoughts you must drown out its noise and get your SPIRITS attention.


Communicate with Yourself that You Mean Business, and that YOU CARE about Your Spirits Well Being.


Then Proceed to Take ACTION, and the Words you have Just Spoken. We all know when it comes to talk— the follow through is what strengthens that bond. So do something in the day that your future you will be grateful for.


And I’m NOT TALKING about eating an Almond Joy.. 


I’m talking about the THREE Essentials to well-being...


  • take care of your body

  • take care of your mind

  • take care of your heart


True Love Starts with You, 

and it Ends With You. 


If You’re not Well, Nothing in your Life Will Reflect that. This isn’t to say that there aren’t people, places and situations that can bring you down even though you’re up, because there are!


This is Mainly about how important it is to Love who you see in the Mirror, all the potential and flaws included.. reminding yourself that things can ALWAYS change and be better with time. 


Become Encompassed in All the Love You have to offer yourself. Relish in how great it feels. BE SELFISH, So that when True Love is presented to you.. your cup will be OVERFLOWING with heart emojis 💕💕




If You Want Anything TRUE or Love that’s REAL, it cant be Woven with anything Fake.

Yes I mean, with loving that person in the mirror you’ve also got to be Transparent. What is it that you may be ignoring about you, or your life.. maybe even HIDING that you don’t want the world to see? 


What you choose not to reveal, is still and will always be apart of you. It’s always better to be upfront with yourself and others about your TRUTHS. 


What you like, what you dislike.

What you love, what you hate.

What your capable of, 

and what you are working on.


Thinking of any aspects of you should NEVER 

cause you to loathe, shame or guilt yourself for prolonged periods of time (anything over 17 seconds). These things about you are blessings because they allow you to learn who you are better than anyone else ever could. 


This is the much more YANG Aspect to calling your true love into your life. It requires you to express the real you, in the best ways possible. 


What are your strengths? Things you love to do? Things you are passionate about? All of this can lead you to your greatest expressions of authenticity. Which will surely attract someone who will LOVE YOU For it! 



 By you Honoring the truest parts of your nature, you’ll end up in places that relate to the things you love and care about. Which then leads you to people who can admire you for your expertise on things they were already interested in.. They call it.. Propinquity! 


And there you have it! 

The Formula For INSTANTANEOUS True Love..

Let Me Know Your Thoughtsin The Comment Box!

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  • Thanks for sharing this powerful message of self-love. The world needs your message especially now. Give Thanks!

  • So filled with gratitude for you entering my life this time around! This was absolutely beautiful and resonates. It literally made me feel good just reading, I look forward to your book! Thank you sistar ✨

  • Seriously thank you for sharing. This was beautiful and resonated so much you have no idea

  • Definitely needed this. Right on time. Thank you.


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