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This message is for the Healers


the goddesses, the witches, artists, mystics, and other powerful creatures that roam this planet who seek to know more.


This message is for the ones who ask the deeper questions, seek to learn the sacred mysteries or are simply curious about what lies beneath the surface programming we are taught by society.  


We are all on our sacred journey - there is no “further along” or “better” - nah we move past that polarity and honor that each of us are on our OWN path. I’d love to share with you a little bit about mine...

My Name is Soleil,

The Soul Rich Witch and Creatrix of Goddess Gear.  

This jewelry line is intended to illuminate the Goddess within and empower others to stepping fully in their power.  I never knew myself to be a creative person until I made the brave decision to follow my heart - to ask the questions I didn’t want to know that answers to.  

Through a series of events I began to turn my attention inwards and listen to the whispers of my womb, details of my dreams and sit quietly with myself. I began to notice the regenerative power that came from creating.


 Working with earth on earth AS earth I began to see the that the more I connected with my truth (my womb, my creativity, my breath) the more organic life began to unfold.

This did not come overnight nor was it some quick fix to an unhappy 9 to 5.  I made the choice to come face to face with my shadows - the harmful patterns and behaviors that have been not only self sabotaging but hurtful in my relationships.


 I chose to step into the uncomfortable spaces and commit to healing. I will continue to heal the most wounded parts of my heart and peel back the layers one by one. My art is an alchemical process that sends a message or intention out to the ethers circulating back to you[r heart].  

These fly and divine copper creations have a story behind them. Goddess Gear reminds you that you are a phenomenal physical manifestation of the divine - strong and resilient just like your ancestors. You are a walking ceremony rooted in strength and wisdom.


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Stay shining Goddess <3

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